My alphabet

In our MA course we were asked to do an easy to replicate stencil alphabet. I decided to do an alphabet made of straight, because doing curved cuts would be more difficult and take longer, making the stencil less easy-to-replicate.

My first step was to sketch the letters. I wanted chunky letters that could be read easily from up close or from a far. I also removed any “holes” (like in the A, B or D) to give personality to the alphabet. This would make the typeface more chunkier.


Next step was to do a grid of squares that would contain each letter and would also help me draw them in almost the same size. Once I had finished drawing all the alphabet I corrected the size or edges of some of the letters to improve their legibility. One of the attributes I wanted the stencil to have is not to be perfect, that’s why I didn’t use any ruler to either draw or cut each letter. This would a certain “urban/grunge” look to the whole thing.



It took me about 1 hour to finish the stencil, from sketching to cutting. some of the letters need to be tuned a little bit so they can be understand more easily (R’s or E’s), but overall I was happy with the results. Once I was done with everything, I started to play with the alphabet.





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