Moving worlds

The world of animation is as big as ours. Huge. Going from CG to conventional, animation is a field that has become more and more important with the passing of the years. The interesting thing is that currently animation is not used only in movies, but in advertising, music, websites and even branding (like Google).

I’ve never been really interested in animation (I hated it in college) but I can’t help to notice the current rise of moving images as a resource for communicating ideas.

This ad for Airbnb is amazing, it represents one of the reasons I have become more interested in animation. The ad is quite emotive, It feels like a painting has become a movie and its all thanks to the animation and the visual style of it. I think that the emotional feeling wouldn’t not have been possible is they had used real people.

Another example of how animation has become more important is in TV shows. Nowadays, the opening sequences of some shows are masterpieces. They combine moving images, graphic styles and music to create an atmosphere, to transmit you an idea, a feeling.

These two opening sequences are among my favorites, they are executed brilliantly and like I said before, they communicate the spirit of the show. Besides this, they are also great examples how the use of animation software and other range of tools can be combined to create beautiful things.

But animation is not only about software, it’s about using what tool is better for the job. That’s the case of Anomalisa, a new stop-motion movie:

and here’s a teaser of the production of it

As you can see, everything was done for real, everything had to be made and animated in real life. Although CG could’ve have been easier and taken lees time (they took 3 years to make this movie), it wouldn’t have had the same feeling, those little imperfections or textures that you only get in real life.

It all comes down to what and how you want to say something, what represents best your idea. In this post I’ve only talked about animation styles, but there’s a whole world out there that proves that animation is a field currently expanding and I believe that it will play a vital role in our culture in the future. I’ll leave some links to videos I’ve found interesting if you want to watch them.

Curura by Nicola Cruz:

QEPrize nominations:

Going to the store (super weird):

Biggest GIF (this one is more about the idea and how to make it):

Evolution by Pearl Jam:

Feels like we only go backwards by Tame Impala:


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