A sign

In our MA course we watched a documentary about Iraq-British architect Zaha Hadid and we were asked to pick  a typeface for one of the buildings and design a signage for it. I picked the Phaeno Science Center located in Wolfsburg, Germany. The building itself is impressive, it seems as if it defies the laws of gravity. The main structure is composed of straight lines and sharp edges while the support columns are curved and fluid, resembling the feet of an elephant.





Before picking a font I analysed the building and its logo, because I believe that the typeface for the signage should be a reflection of these two elements. Both the logo and the building have round edges, so I decided that should be one of the attributes of the chosen typeface. In the end, I picked Museo Sans Rounded. This typeface reflects the curviness of the building while still being a legible font, as well as having different weights and even having a non-rounded version.



Next step was creating a basic signage. Using a simple grid I managed to design a sign that would inform the people about the floor they are in and what is close to them. Using a bold and a regular weight combination makes the sign visually attractive. Instead of putting the text in a cardboard sign, I decided to use the building’s own materiality and shapes to show the information. This way the building and the signs become one, creating a unique and engaging system.


Sorry for the bad montage, I don’t have photoshop at the moment.

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