As the course goes on, we have to think and create new things for our fictional (or not) business brand. In this post I’ll show you the mission, vision and values that I’ve established for my company, and also the mood board in which all the visual language will be inspired.

Mission: to deliver visual experiences to everyone.

Vision: to be seen as a top agency by our clients and our competitors, no matter where we work.

Values: creativity, innovation, collaboration, passion, quality, respect and trust.

I know these statements and values may seem not that specific and are rather broad, however the point in this is not to narrow down the agency’s scope, at least not in the beginning. I want the business to be able to experiment its limitations and not to focus on just one kind of area of design.

Next is the mood board. The way I see it, the communication (both inside and outside the company) should be informal, it should reach the people on a emotional level so they remember us not only for our work, but also for how we talk to them. One example I’m thinking right now is colourable business cards, this way we deliver our agency’s essence in a unique way and we generate a strong brand recognition with the help of the client.




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