A little something

A few days ago I designed a group of icons for the names that I created for my Business for Design class. Although this was not a course task, I decided to be proactive (meaning I did not want to do real work) and create the basic stationary for the three names I have: Raw, Design boat and Core. Each design style was based on the set of icons I previously designed, using them a either as part of the logotype or as graphic elements for the brand.


Each visual language is different, going from a sort of traditional identity with Design boat to a more edgy/artistic style with Raw. The aim of this exercise (besides procrastination) was to see how the brands will behave once put into business cards, envelopes, etc. A visual identity might seem great in a computer screen but it’s a completely different issue when you see it where it’s supposed to be seen. This way you can asses if the logo is legible, if it works well in small sizes, how well balanced its composition is or new ways of managing the elements.


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