Remember the business names I came up with? Now I have to conceptualize and develop a symbol that captures the essence of each name. Just to remind you a symbol is a sign, shape or object that represents something else, for example the symbol for love is a heart although a real heart doesn’t look like that symbol at all.

The three names are: Raw, Core and Design Boat. I started by doing a small research about each name, learning their meaning and watching pictures that relate to them. After doing this I began to sketch quickly because I wanted to capture the essence that each name gave me, so I had to be fast and not think very much.


When I had enough sketches I picked the ones I found more interesting and played with them in Ilustrator, changing colors, shapes, sizes, etc. In the end I came up with three visual elements that represent very well each name. Below are the final representations for you to see and analyze if they seem appropriate to you.

symbol exercise-02

Now I’ll explain how each symbol was born:

  1. Core: it’s part that is central to its existence or character. I got inspired by the atom, a cell, fingerprints, fruits and many other things. I tried to transmit the fact that the core is something valuable and that many things revolve around it, like the atom or the layers of the earth.
  2. Design Boat: instead of going to the obvious a think of a symbol of a boat, I focused on a boat’s sail, since this element can transmit a more dynamic and conceptual feeling. And also because a boat can be anything, but the sail is what gets the boat moving.
  3. Raw: it means (of food) not cooked; (of a part of the body) red and painful); (of data) not analyzed, evaluated, or processed for use. This one really difficult, since raw is more of a status that a thing. In the end I decided to do a sort of symbolic pattern that communicated what I wanted: something edgy and unrefined, that can be used in different ways depending on the situation. It’s inspired by the texture that you can find in meat, muscles and a canvas.

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