Naming names

So, naming. Not something I’m very good at, but I’ve got to try and keep practicing and who knows, maybe I’ll get better with time. This time, I’m exploring possible names for my MA design business idea.

The way I approached this subject is by doing a sort of ping-pong word exercise, first by myself and then with my girlfriend. The basic idea is to start with one word (obviously “design” was the favorite in this case) and then you say the first word that comes to your head and so on. It’s really interesting to see how easily you can fill a whole page in less than two minutes by doing this and the different kinds of words that can appear. Of course doing it by yourself is harder than with someone else, since you might get distracted with the imaginary that’s flying by the window.


After doing that you pick the words that you consider more interesting (it helps if you write them in post-its) and try different combinations with them . This way you’ll end up with a lot of combined words that might help you in finding THE name for your business.

Here are 10 names that I came up with:

  1. Design crumbs
  2. Raw (because it’s how every dish starts, plus it sounds kinda edgy)
  3. Sliced
  4. Core studio/design (that’s where the vital things are)
  5. Cell
  6. Design market (fresh design everyday)
  7. Mohawk (not because of my haircut, but because it’s revolutionary)
  8. Keep it Simple (or KIS)
  9. Design Boat
  10. Leaf Studio

Now this is a small exercise in which I picked three names out of the list and began playing with typography to get an early feeling of what the logo might look like. I used fonts that aren’t similar between each other in order to have different styles and personalities.

name exercise-01

As you can see, each option has its own personality, and that’s what I want to capture when designing the logo. These are not the final name options, although I think they’re good alternatives, I’m not 100% in love with any of them.


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