The top 20

There are people or agencies in the creative world who have influenced my work, my way of thinking and how I approach my design/personal projects. No matter how big the influence has been or since when, this is a list of those who have:

  1. Pablo Iturralde (ecuadorian graphic designer)
  2. Ellen Lupton (USA graphic designer and writer)
  3. Mike Mignola (USA illustrator)
  4. Todd Mcfarlane (USA illustrator)
  5. Burnt Toast Creative (Canadian digital artist)
  6. Pentagram (multi-disciplinary design firm)
  7. Brandlab (peruvian brand-consulting studio)
  8. Gworkshop (ecuadorian packaging design studio)
  9. Bruno Munari (italian artist, designer, and inventor)
  10. Vanessa Zuñiga (ecuadorian graphic design)
  11. Maurizio Pagnozzi (italian graphic designer)
  12. Erik Johansson (swedish photographer)
  13. Gavin Ambrose (UK graphic designer and writer)
  14. Stefan Sagemeister (austrian graphic designer)
  15. Paula Scher (USA graphic designer)
  16. ThomasMatthews (graphic design agency)
  17. Anton Semenov (russian graphic designer and digital painter)
  18. Alfonso Elola (spanish illustrator)
  19. Joe Fenton (UK illustrator)
  20. Designer Against Child Slavery


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